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The History of Alconbury Weald

Our wonderfully unique space is absolutely jam packed full of incredible history. You'll see that the walls and ceilings of our restaurant are adorned with historic images and information. If you're yet to have seen it for yourself or haven't had the chance to give it a read, here's a little about this fascinating building.

The Watch Office

Bohemia Alconbury Weald, also known as the Watch Office lies at the heart of the first phase of the Alconbury Weald development. This beautiful building commemorates the former airfields role in the second world war.

This grade 2 listed building was the first permanent structure on the former airfield and served as RAF Alconbury's central operations hub during the second world war, used to oversee the missions leaving the airfield counting them in and out. 

What started out as a single storey Nissen Hut extended to include an operations room, teleprinter room, telephone exchange and a first storey observations room. 

Unfortunately in May 1943 it suffered bomb damage and fell into disrepair. Painstaking refurbishments and restorations have gone in to ensure a sustainable future for this important heritage building.

Military Timeline

For nearly 60 years Alconbury Airfield played a central role in military operations over Europe. Here's a little timeline of its incredible history.

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